I tried to summarise the motives for this service on a separate page:

Current shortcoming:
- graphic content unblurred
- author not apparent on retweet

Please, let me know what you miss in terms of usability.

Ideas to improve Ukraine News without blowing up my timeline... 1/2 

I would love to see Ukraine News aggregator with content"wrappers" used as titles with relatively comprehensive summary of what I will see if I click.

Like headlines.

There is a lot of material coming over the transom.

Some of the photos are very large too there are several ways of mitigating that.

I feel it is very important to

Ideas to improve Ukraine News without blowing up my timeline... 1/2 

@funkengruvin @uanews i try to post them without photos, they are rather read outs, but i find any more specific headlines other than the latest from Ukraine and name of the concrete place might be seen as graphic too

Ideas to improve Ukraine News feed options. 1/2 

it is important to keep abreast of Ua developments and offer a variety of feeds:
1) a no-content-wrapper #CW feed
2) a feed with mostly #ContentWrappers
3) a digests feed with mostly summaries, perhaps daily
4) a feed without routine content wrappers but liberal use of #contentWarnings
Yes that is a big ask but maybe the various news services can figure this out.

@uanews The author would be nice to see in the retweet !!!

@uanews Maybe hashtag the names of the authors. I want to read the posts of the twitter account "warmonitor3" in particular. But I cannot find their posts on Mastodon. It would be great of the posts showed up under #warmonitor3.

@uanews could you at least have posts fall under a content warning? or failing that just post on 'unlisted' ? taking up so much space for a WAR on the public timeline is really exhausting

@uanews I followed this account originally, but it literally destroyed my timeline. It's just too much quantity of info.

@uanews Aren't some accounts mirrored seperatly? Like today i was finally able to follow defmon3_mirror , it didn't work for days. So this is the only way. no one wants to have 100 accounts into one feed. It is to much and there is no algo on Mastodon. So mirror accounts one by one.

@uanews @lp
- Thanks for all that you do, it's an incredible service to the community
- You did ask for suggestions, so I have a few that IMHO improve UX.
- Agree w/ @josephwelch - info overload, lack of selectivity prevents followers. No algo here makes it a challenge to follow long term.
- Any reason not to just dockerize/kube the whole thing, w/ an automated build process for the 110 accts currently mirrored? Seems more scalable/able to do individual mirrors

@uanews @lp @josephwelch 2/n- Splitting accts into separte mirrors would be ideal.
RE: - Idea
- As to motive, you're fighting the good fight.
- On T, I consume like you've described here. On M, I engage rather more - less toxic.
- EN-lang media is useless at timely reporting situation in Ukraine
- Timely reporting critical to understanding fast-moving conflict

@uanews @lp @josephwelch 3/4 RE: Expansion 1
- Would be awesome to have MAGA news mirrored. Have you thought about default CW? Some are actively triggered by that stuff and take pains to avoid it. A uanews-style firehose would be a turnoff for me personally. Rsns to mirror individual accts...
- Agree that RU and UA lang authors aren't relevant to this project, and are a turnoff to most followers.

@uanews @lp @josephwelch 4/4
- Concur w/ @gregmorenz - username prominently helps w/ my followup, and mental filtering on source reliability.
- Please keep doing what you're doing - and I'll boost more as I'm able. We all appreciate the effort, financial cost, and time cost you've invested.

@uanews Just echoing the others here, I'd like this split up across a few accounts - the frequency is just too much.

@uanews hey, have you tried matching your Twitter list to mastodon accounts? Do you think at least 10% of those are here?

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